Although only in his mid-30′s Pastor Peter Haas has already become a well known pastor, author and conference speaker. After experiencing a radical conversion to Christianity while working in a nightclub as a rave-d.j., Peter has traveled the world sharing about God’s miraculous passion.

Since relocating to Minneapolis Minnesota in 2004, Peter planted an arts-oriented multi-site church called Substance. In just a few short years, Substance has become one of the fastest growing and most youthful mega-churches churches in the United States. Over 70% of the thousands who participate in their community are under 30 years old.

Known for it’s progressive worship, cell methods, and obvious appeal to unchurched 20-somethings, Substance is making waves in the modern church world. Pastor Peter speaks at conferences all over the world on the progressive church methodology that Substance utilizes. Peter also consults with church planters all over the globe as he serves on the A-Team of the Association of Related Churches. He regularly speaks at college events and pastors conferences on topics of the future of media in churches, church governance/growth methods, and progressive cell methodology.

He currently resides in Minneapolis with his wife and three kids. To get more formal essays of Peter’s thoughts on church, life, theology, etc., you can visit the Substance Church Backstage Pass. There you’ll also find links to Pastor Peter’s free essays and e-books. To stay updated on Peter’s new book, Pharisectomy, visit either the Books tab or

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