4 Reasons Why Substance is Going to Rock this Fall

Posted On September 3, 2011 By Peter In

Testing the video at new campus!

Testing the video at new campus!

Early Fall at Substance is always a fun time.  Perhaps it’s because we get around 500 crazy college students back.  And to boot we always have hundreds of new people checking things out.  But here’s what REALLY gets me excited…

(1).  We just launched an amazing new campus, AND made it look easy!  Seriously, we have some of the greatest volunteers on planet earth.  Who would have thought that adding two more services at a 650 seater would be easy.  Yet it looks amazing.  The kids ministry area is everything we’ve dreamed of.

 (2).  Our new staff members are everything we dreamed of:  Bart Scharrer is taking our children and youth departments to a whole new level (in fact, be watching these areas because, we’re incubating some revolutionary upgrades over the coming year).  Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to get people like Becky Vanausdall on the children’s staff or Andrew Neilson at the helm of 40 dynamic interns.  And brand new staff, Daniel Thunker and Jeff Dodge had a lot to do with a smooth Spring Lake Park launch.  But, be aware, these hires are just the beginning of a grand-scale plan to take Substance to a new level.

(3).  I’ve got some crazy new teaching series planned for this Fall.  For starters, we’re launching the Fall with the “I Quit” series.  Focusing on the super-practical, we’re going to hit every imaginable topic from dealing with a frustrating job to a frustrating marriage.  Later on this Fall, we’re unveiling a super fun series called “Cramming for the End Times.”  With a never-ending deluge of strange opinions about the end of the world, we’re going to cut through the clutter and discover what the Bible actually teaches.  But don’t worry, I’m going to present a variety of theological opinions and then let you all decide for yourselves.  It should be explosive…err, I mean, exciting.

(4).  Lastly, we have two new Substance magazines on the way.  The first will feature all of our amazing new ministry opportunities here.  And the second will give an inside look at all of Substance’s financials.  Our money has done amazing things all over the planet – from Pakistan to our church plant in Ethiopia.  But with each issue, we keep getting better.  So stay in touch.  Some of the biggest upgrades in our churches’ history will be coming over the upcoming school year – including this blog!

But, if you’re new to Substance, make sure you sign up for “Starting Point,” the newcomers reception that runs the 1st & 3rd Sundays of every month.  After meeting a few staff, we’ll give you the inside scoop into all things Substance.

In the meantime, make sure you say “hi” to me when I tour through the campuses.  I still publish where I’m preaching “live.” Yet, I’ll also be sure to hang out in the foyer whenever possible.   Love you all!  Keep seeking Him.

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