6 Reasons Why I Love Preaching from My Ipad

Posted On June 9, 2010 By Peter In

Peter Haas - Ipad Bliss

Peter Haas' Ipad Bliss

Every year or two, there’s always a trendy little gadget that steals our hearts.  My wife gave me an Ipad as an early birthday present (next Wed).  At first, I thought it’d be just another toy.  But I have gotten totally and completely hooked.  And I’ve had a boatload of pastors/lecturers ask me:  “Should I get one?”  So, here are 6 reasons why I love preaching from my Ipad:

(1) I can actually see my text in the dark (or when bright stage lights are blinding me)

(2)  And when I have two Ipads (one in each hand), I feel like Moses carrying the stone tablets… i.e., (It makes me preach with more power and confidence)

(3)  I can edit my messages on the spot (without obscure pen-scribbling)… which is great when I’m touring through various sites and venues every weekend.

(4)   I can email the edited version of my sermon back to my computer (I don’t have to retype the extra insights and jokes into my master digital copy on Monday morning).

(5)  I can actually control my sermon powerpoint & videos from it (via wireless pro-presenter).

(6)  I don’t waste as much paper:  I’m probably not the most eco-savvy person; but, I hate printing things on paper.  In fact, when my printer or copy machine misprints, it makes my brain freak out.  I feel like I’m burning down entire forests of happily singing trees.

Of course, this entire blog is probably just my way of rationalizing why I bought one.  Honestly, I haven’t touched my laptop in a few weeks.  And wow, the Plants vs. Zombies game for Ipad has pretty much been a vortex of inefficiency for me. In fact, my kids and I have already beat the game (& we danced around the house as the end-credits rolled).

But here’s the deal church:  Do you really need one?   Probably not.  Because what we really need are:  (1) Jesus,  (2) Financial Margin, (3). The brand new issue of Substance Magazine  (Do you like how I subtly transitioned this into a church announcement?) … Come on!  I’m not gonna let an Ipad steal the lime-light!

But truth be told, we have an amazing number of summer small groups posted all throughout our new magazine.  And to boot, we have some pretty fun new testimonies being highlighted as well.  So, pick up your free copy this weekend at church.  And look for the all-digital version coming out this next week… (www.beingsubstance.com) perhaps to be read on your Ipad?

And there you have it:  I have brought this blogging journey full circle.  Hopefully, Apple will see this free publicity and reward me with an Iphone 4.  In the meantime: I love you Substance!  “Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 1 Cor. 15:58

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