I love to laugh. I love nerdy scientific research that makes me say, “Wow. Really?” And I love spiritually encouraging topics. So, if you’re interested in a sarcastic yet uplifting blend of all three of these ingredients, then you’ll love my blog. But you’ve GOT to have a sense of humor! I usually blog twice a week (which you can subscribe to) in addition to my weekly sermon podcast ( Believe it or not, I used to work as a rave-dj. I became a follower of Christ while working in a nightclub – after experiencing a miraculous answer to prayer – a story I describe in detail in my best-selling humor book, “Pharisectomy: How to Remove Your Inner Pharisee and Other Religiously Transmitted Diseases.” And, by the way, I still spend most nights on my turn-tables! Against all odds, I eventually got sucked into full-time ministry. In 2004, my wife and I relocated to the heart of Minneapolis / Saint Paul to plant an arts-oriented church called Substance. To my amazement, our community caught on and became one of the faster growing multi-site churches in the United States. Over 65% of the thousands who participate in our community each week are under 30 years old. And over 41% of our community didn’t “attend church” or “have a relationship with God” even two years ago. So, I would venture to say that we’re likely one of the most youthful mega-churches I’ve ever been in. In many ways, we’re an odd family of outsiders, bound together by the grace of Christ. And we’d love it if you came and visited us sometime! Because I preach to a large group of artists, intellectuals and skeptical 20-somethings each week, my preaching style is a lot like my blog: sarcastic story-telling, research, and a LOT more Bible (after all, it is a church, mind you). In my sermon podcasts, I love to take on the tough questions of the faith. Despite being a natural skeptic, I believe that miracles are meant to be a regular part of our lives. I also spend a huge amount of time mentoring innovative pastors all over the globe by serving on the Lead Team of an international church planting organization called the ARC (the Association of Related Churches – See I love getting nerdy with pastors about how to build a fun, holy, and life-giving church. Thus, there’s also a strong leadership theme that bleeds through my books and blogs. If you want more, feel free to download my weekly video/audio teachings from or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or my live-broadcasts on Periscope! (@peterhaas1). Also, I aim to write books that can be re-read a half dozen times before they become boring. So, make sure you check out Pharisectomy, and Broken Escalators! People always tell me that they “laughed out loud” and “highlighted dozens of thoughts” in every chapter — which makes me feel really warm and fuzzy. After Pharisectomy hit Amazon’s best seller list, I hunkered down for several years to make sure that my follow-up book, Broken Escalators, was even better. And you won’t be disappointed. Broken Escalators is PACKED with absurd humor and “Aha” moments. Click here for more on the book. Beyond this, I’m an I-N-T-J (in the MBTI); I currently reside in Minneapolis with my wife Carolyn and my three hilarious kids. I’m obsessed with film and music. I play just about every instrument, from cello to electric guitar. I am definitely a music connoisseur. I spend most of my free time in my recording studio, writing music of all kinds (if I’m not on my turn-tables : ) Feel free to contact me on social media! Or, email for booking info. To sample a few of my popular blogs, here are a few links: Humor Blogs:

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