An Update on Peter’s Injury

Posted On April 9, 2020 By Peter In

Friends and Family, it’s been a rough week for me. Many of you have already heard this last week, I had a bit of an accident. As I was riding my bike (at a decent speed), my chain derailed, and I went head over heels into a pole (and the pole won).

My neck isn’t broken; but, I did suffer a central spinal cord injury in my neck that has been affecting my arms. The doctors are recommending spinal surgery. But, I am also trusting God for total and complete healing.

Obviously, with this happening right before Easter, I do believe there is a spiritual warfare element to all of this. We are expecting to reach over 100,000 people with our Easter documentary film called, “Test Driving Faith: Stories for Skeptics and Saints.” (And trust me, it will make you laugh and cry).

But pray that God would either heal me with his resurrection power or give me clarity about the surgical options. But, our best days, including mine, are yet to come!  I love you all SOOO much. And I can’t imagine going through this without you all.

UPDATE – MAY 14TH, 2020!

It’s 5 weeks later. I just got my SECOND Neck MRI… And the news is great:
Wooooooooooooo🥳😆🕺! My first neurosurgeon thought my neck ligaments were severed. My second scan showed they were not. So, whether by miracle regrowth or misdiagnosis, I am blessed by God!
Of course, I still have to wear this neck brace for another month. And I can’t drive for another month. But, at this point, I’m just glad I can skip surgery.
Thank you everyone. I have never felt more loved.  This was the miracle we were praying for!


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