Another Star Tribune Article!

Posted On June 20, 2009 By Peter In


Why such weird preaching pictures?

Why such weird preaching pictures?

We just got more great publicity from the Star Tribune!  How cool is that?!  The article was on churches that market themselves through Twitter and Facebook.  Of course, a photograph of me and Substance was randomly put into the article.  Talk about random!  People started calling me last Sunday saying:  “Pastor… what a cool little promo!”  But I had no idea what they were talking about.

Ironically, I didn’t “tweet” before this article  : )  (Tweeting is the verb for “to twitter”).   But, heck!  If the article is gonna talk about us… I might as well start!   So check out my new Twitter feed:  And in case you don’t know what Twitter is… it’s like a scaled down facebook!  I give periodic updates on all the crazy things I experience throughout the week.  So, if you like to hear random thoughts from me, then subscribe.  And, I’ll tell you what:  I’m gonna be unveiling some really cool leadership stuff in the coming months.  So, if you sign up, you’ll get the tantalizing scoop before anyone else!

But here is the link to the article if you want to check it out!

or alternately, you can search the site for the June 14th 2009 article “Chapter, verse, text and tweet”

Thank you Star Tribune!


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