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Posted On September 3, 2008 By Peter In


Talk about an exciting week!!!   This week we are starting a brand new message series called “De-stress My Life”.  As I was preparing it a few months back, I just knew that this series is going to change people’s lives.  Every time I’d tell someone about it, they’d say: “Dude, that’s gonna rock!”  (Which is the Substance way of saying: “Golly Pastor, that’ll be a very swell message”).

I’m actually teaching on five different “kinds of stress” that steal our peace.  But here’s a little self-test for you.  In fact, if you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you need to make plans to be there:

#1).  I regularly feel the urge to body slam my computer:        YES . . . . . . . NO

#2).  I occasionally have an itchy middle finger when I drive on the Interstate:    Y   . . . . N

#3).  I tend to drink more than 5 shots of espresso per day:    Y . . . . . . N

#4).  You recently had an “Oh-yea-you-think-your-day-was-bad?” debate with a loved one:

#5).  You watched more than 5 hours of political news coverage last week:    Y or N

(Now tally up your score)

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you’re probably stressed out!   But, God’s got fantastic news for you!   And here’s the catch:  You have to be in church to hear it!   (unless you podcast! : )

The truth be told, it’s been a pretty stressful two weeks for me.  This weekend, I’m supposed to be sharing profound answers on de-stressing our lives; so, how ironic is it that I’m totally stressed out!?  Believe it or not, we have over 100,000 people reading about our church this week!  (We just sent out a 50,000 home direct-mail piece).  So, like a total dork, we decided to revamp our entire web-site at the last minute!  (Probably not on God’s agenda for my life).

But this I know:   God is a God of peace and rest.   And, despite the silly little mole-hills that I turn into mountains, God is in control of my life.  And when I allow that truth to sink deep into my soul, it ultimately changes the way I view reality.  My life rocks.  And I could endlessly lose myself in gratitude.

So people:  trust me in this:   Every last one of us needs an alternate view of reality.  (a de-stressed view)

So, if you struggle with time management or rest… get ready to be set free.  This is called “Good News” for a reason!

We’ll see you there!

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