Axe-Throwing Changed My Life

Posted On September 7, 2008 By Peter In

Talk about a weekend to remember!
I threw tomahawks… I hurled dodge balls… and I heaved a bulging piece of granite towards the sky.
“What was I doing,” you ask?
I was at Substance Men’s Retreat 2008!

For years, we’ve been wondering how we could infuse more testosterone into our retreat, and I believe we found the answer.  Our retreat planning team dreamed up the craziest contest which was majestically called “the Renaissance Challenge of Man!”  (But when you say it… you have to say it like it was straight out of the movie Braveheart).

Basically, w e had around 100+ guys do an 8-event olympiad consisting of numerous manly contests (such as: Rock Heaving, Tomahawk throwing, Golf Chipping, Tie Tying… and the ever competitive “Pick-up line contest”).  I was hoping we’d have some sort of shirtless wood chopping contest… or at least a small hog-wrestling opportunity; but, alas, I was not disappointed.  The hair on my chest literally grew bigger and burlier by the time the weekend was over.

And wow!  Our young college students demonstrated some missile -like throwing-power in our 40 man dodge-ball game.  (Only four men suffered concussions – so, all in all, it was a great time!)
And it was a powerful time in the Spirit as well.  I was shocked by the sheer quantity of spontaneous worship and prayer that was breaking out throughout the camp.  Seriously, these guys were heaving more than mere rocks… these guys were casting off their sin natures in a pretty sobering way.

On Friday night, I think I had around 5 guys confess their sins to me in a pretty humbling way.  I mean, I haven’t seen that much desperation and devotion in a while.  And when I thought about the sheer quantity of authentic men we have in our church, I couldn’t help but think: We are a church that is destined to accomplish huge things.

I mean, God LOVES passionate seekers like that.  And Substance Church, I think that we’ve got a good number of them right here in our own church community!
Hats off to Pastors Nick and Pete… and all of the team that helped them pull of this amazing event!  Jeff Beale, Jeff Zaugg, Ben Tyvol, David Theobald… and all the others who helped pull this thing off… thanks a million.
Substance men will never be the same!!!!


Shirtless men throwing knives: Priceless!

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