Warning: Highly Explosive College Ministry

I just got back from the first big “students with substance” tail-gate party.   Wow!  Talk about a movement waiting to happen!  The pavillion at the park was packed with college students.  And that grill had more hot dogs than I’ve seen in a long time!   But seriously, in case you didn’t know, Students…
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Congrats to the Parental Rookies!

Congrats to Substance Staffers Pastor Peter and Missy Morse on their new baby: Emmett Sullivan Morse!  7lbs and ?  I’m a man, so I don’t remember those things very well.  All I know it that my little 2 year old boy (Eden) saw my wife Carolyn holding the Morse’s little guy and my son immediately…
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Welcome to my blog!

What is up Substance! I am completely excited to welcome you to my new blog.  For months my staff have been telling me: “Pastor, you need to get a ‘pastor’s blog’ going!”   And I have resisted… mainly because I am a natural writer.  And I’m afraid that I’ll end up lost in the blogosphere…
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