BMX-ing into the Sunset

Posted On November 19, 2008 By Peter In

Well, for those of you who missed it, I did a 10-minute freestyle BMX video for my message last Sunday.  And, talk about a crazy response from people!  I had no idea our church had so many people of extreme sports!  Hopefully, we’ll have it online this week.   Honestly, I’ve been overwhelmed by people saying:  “Wow, I’ll never look at you the same?”  (Which… I forgot to ask you:  Is  that a good thing?)

At my church in Wisconsin, I oversaw a K-12 Private Christian School.  So, being the CEO of the whole organization, I was always being asked to do dignified “politician-like” things (like speak at graduation ceremonies).  You see, half of our church were people in their late 40’s and 50’s.  So, being the”hippy-freestyler” at heart, I never seemed to fit the crusty role of being a dignitary.  Yet, nonetheless, I’d always try to carry myself a bit more “presidentially” at school events… (you know… wear suits, ties and that other stuff) — so as to make the school look credible in the community.

So, one day I was riding the half-pipe at the local skate-park.  I was hot, sweaty, stinky, and shirtless.  (I probably looked like had just crawled out from the sewer.)  And sure enough, up walks several dignified moms whose kids were new to our Christian school.  And before I could say:  “What are you doing here?”  The very same words came flying out of their mouths (while their junior high kids came running out with their skateboards).  They all looked at me as if I was cross-dressing (or something equally strange for the leader of their kids’ school).

As we awkwardly talked, the only thing I could think about was the fact that these moms were looking at my hairy chest… (not very presidential from the standpoint of our school).  But how was I to know that all of these church-ladies would show up at the city skate-park?

But, I guess, the lesson I learned is this:   I will never fit the mold of a dignitary, politician, or pastor for that matter.  There’s nothing worse than pretending to be someone you’re not.  And that’s what I like about Substance:  Just about everyone I meet there is so Non-Churchy… yet passionate about God at the same time.

So, we may not attract very many “dignified Christians;” but, frankly, I’m fine with that.  And hopefully you feel the same.  So Ride On Substance church!   Ride on.

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