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Substance Church in Charisma Magazine

Whenever we get a shout out from a national or regional publication I love to give you guys a peek.  Well this month we got a cool little feature in Charisma magazine as being a “Trendsetting Church” (April 2010).   So hats off to all you wonderful leaders at Substance… after all, you guys are the ones who truly deserve all the credit!  Especially after these last few weeks… launching our new video venue… we’ve had some of the most amazing conversion stories come in.  And YOU guys are the reason!

I was just reflecting on the fact that we’ve gotten over 500 new people into weekly ministries in the last 6 months alone.  And, I don’t know about you but… dude, that’s a lot of people!  And with all the new small groups we’ve been launching it really shows that this is a church that’s about the people… not about me… or any other personality.  My pastor friends have always been amazed by the extremely high level of volunteerism that pervades our movement.  And that really speaks highly of all of our mid-level leaders who keep stepping it up every Sunday.

Long story short:   I LOVE you guys!   I really do.  I’ve actually been in the middle of a 8 week tour of conference speaking engagements (Even though I’ve still been here on Sundays).  Honestly, it’s been a crazy season for me.  But even though I’ve been meeting wonderful Christians all over the U.S., there’s no place like home.  You guys are the best.  And when magazines like Charisma keep investigating all of you, it’ll be hard to keep a lid on things!

So keep rocking it Substance!   God is turning you into a group of Spirit-filled trend-setting hardcores for Christ!

And P.S… if you check out the article, make sure you check out Healing Place Church (featured on the next page of the magazine)…  After all, Dino Rizzo is one of our overseeing pastors and mentors.  In many ways, it’s an honor to be placed anywhere near such an amazing church.

So, the printed article has pictures… but the stripped down online version can be accessed at the following link:

I Love You Guys!!

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