Come see our newest Documentary: “Mourning into Dancing”

Posted On October 24, 2009 By Peter In


Me and My Lemonheads

Me and My Lemonheads

I hope that everyone has been enjoying our teaching series:  “When Life Gives You Lemons.”  I think we’ve all had bad things happen to us; so, there’s something so cathartic about talking and laughing about it.

Of course, if you weren’t here for Week Two of the series, we gave away huge boxes of Lemonheads (to remind everyone that God wants to sweeten all of our lives).  As a kid I used to buy boxes and boxes of these and then ration them over the course of the next couple months (that probably says a lot about me).  So, the staff and I thought of having a huge lemonade party outside of church; but, the moment someone mentioned Lemonheads, I was sold.  (Perhaps next Sunday, I’ll have to hand out toothbrushes!)

But, don’t forget, the climax of this teaching series is coming on Sun, November 1st . We have been working on a powerful documentary called,  Mourning into Dancing.  This is one of the most powerful and tear-jerking documentaries we’ve ever done.  (It’s actually the story of my wife and mom-in-law).  But, we’re integrating it right in the Sunday morning message.  So, this is the perfect opportunity to invite friends.  Besides, after seeing this video, you’ll never see your trials the same.  (In fact, see the trailer on Youtube!!!  Click here:

One of the most powerful truths that we can ever learn:  God is near…even when life is difficult.  So come deepen this conviction on Sun. Nov. 1st!

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