Congrats to the Parental Rookies!

Posted On August 31, 2008 By Peter In

Congrats to Substance Staffers Pastor Peter and Missy Morse on their new baby: Emmett Sullivan Morse!  7lbs and ?  I’m a man, so I don’t remember those things very well.  All I know it that my little 2 year old boy (Eden) saw my wife Carolyn holding the Morse’s little guy and my son immediately got jealous.  He came up to little Emmett and smacked him.  Emmett clenched  his tiny face, let out a little yelp and didn’t give another peep.  Wow!  That’s pretty tough!  (Probably gets it from his mom).
So I’m proud to say that, apparently, little Emmett Morse is officially a tough guy.  He’s already taken his first punch and has turned the other cheek.  (By the way Pete and Missy…Sorry about that… I’ll try to control my child better.)

But, alas, parenting is great!  As soon as we got our son Eden home – he vomited all over me – three times no less!   But again, Pete, you’re gonna love parenting — and all the juicy details ! : (
So congrats to the new mom and dad!  We love you guys!  And the church does too!

Pastor Pete, Missy & Emmett

Pastor Pete, Missy & Emmett

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