Construction Has Begun!

Posted On March 19, 2009 By Peter In


Well, ladies and gents!  

In case you’re wondering where we’re at with the office center, it is finally under construction!  Yipee!  This stuff takes forever!!!!!!   Architects, Lawyers, Contractors, City Planners… gosh…why can’t it be more like building a fort in my backyard!?   But alas!  There is much to be thankful for!  

 In fact, if you tossed in your name that you’re willing to help out, we’ll probably be calling you within the next couple weeks.  Our hopes are that we can move in by the first week of May.  (that’s coming up quickly!)  Of course, construction timelines can be tricky… so don’t mark my words.  And even then, it’ll still take us a few weeks to get all the furniture, sound-systems, and coffee shop put together.  In fact, that’s probably where we’re gonna need the most help.  So, if you have time later on in April / early May, make sure you talk to some of the pastoral staff.

Anyway, thanks for all of your prayers and donations.  So far, they have definitely helped us move things forward with a little extra speed!  Every week we’re making some pretty huge decisions for Substance.  In fact, we’ve had numerous exciting developments happen that I’m gonna update you on soon.  So keep the prayers coming!!!!

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