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Posted On June 27, 2014 By Peter In

What’s Up Substance?!    I miss all of you! Our vacation in Florida has been rocking. Thanks for praying for us. And in case you were wondering why there’s been a sudden burst of guest speakers, it’s because my family and I are near to the end of our 3-week family road-trip.


Summer Love

But, I have to admit: it’s been a crazy time to be gone. After all, there are SO many fun things happening behind the scenes at Substance right now. So, even though I can’t ooze over all of you in person, I thought I’d write a quick blog to give you the scoop.

First off, if you missed my last blog about many of our newest staff [click here] and meet some of the talented people who are joining our team. It’s really humbling to watch God multiply the depth here. I feel like we have a super-bowl team brewing.

Secondly, I am in the process of writing my second book!  And my new book is coming along A-MAZE-ing! I have totally outdone Pharisectomy with this one. Seriously, I didn’t think it was possible to outdo Pharisectomy… but I think it’s happening : ) My goal is to finish it by September and it will be published in 2015. I honestly think this book could change everything for a lot of people. I have a huge sense of anticipation for this book!

Also, many of you know: we have a purchase agreement on a huge warehouse at the corner of a busy highway interchange in Spring Lake Park. I know the process has been slow – but thankfully, we’ve been moving forward through the city-approval process! I’m thrilled to announce that the Spring Lake Park “Planning and Zoning Commission” approved our building use this last week (June 23rd)!

Now keep in mind… this isn’t the “Final Approval.” But it does mean that, the Planning and Zoning Commission recommends our church building use to the City Council (which is a big deal). And the final step happens on July 7th (2014). So be praying for this!

Obviously, we really want this to be a win for the city. Like I’ve mentioned before, our research shows that our church will increase SLP property values by over 6.2% (within a ½ mile radius) – not to mention decrease crime and bring over 11 million dollars a year into the local economy. So, pray that we can communicate and negotiate for a delightful win-win. And if you’re an SLP resident who’s excited about Substance, feel free to attend the 7pm meeting on July 7 – show a little joyful support (but don’t paint yourself with Substance Orange : )

Last but not least, we have a crazy-fun Summer and Fall weekend schedule ahead of us. Coming up this weekend (June 29th), you’ll get to hear from nationally known author & pastor Naeem Fazel. He was a Muslim who hated Christianity;

Naeem speaking at Substance

Naeem Fazal – June28-29th!

(in fact, i believe he actually once threatened to kill his own brother after his brother had accepted Christ.) But, after a jaw dropping supernatural encounter, he ended up changing his worldview in a profound way. So don’t miss this weekend. The dude is funny, life-giving, and compelling. No matter what your faith background, he will stimulate both your heart and your mind

And pray that the finale of my road-trip goes smoothly. (I only got pulled over once : ( …but I got leniency – and a great sermon story : ) I’m actually really getting antsy to preach. I’ve been getting filled with fresh words from the Bible. And I’m still going to hold true to my commitment to come dj at a few Substance parties this summer! : ) The team and I have been cranking out some amazing worship recordings (EDM style and otherwise). I’ve been blown away by some of the new talent that’s been emerging out of our church. So, get ready to hear some of it soon! (In fact, I’ll be showing some of it off in Nashville this coming week : )

Love you guys! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous lives and take in that Minneapolis skyline!

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