Demonology Deliverance


Up until this point in our demonology series, I’ve been focusing on the theology of Satan and demons. But many of you are asking for something more practical: Help me deal with my demons!

Keep in mind, it’s wise to go to seasoned believers for things like this. But let’s say that you are a seasoned believer who wants to grow in this critical New Testament skill. What do you do before, during and after a deliverance?


What are some tips on how to do a deliverance?”


Realize, you may not always get a “before.” I’ve had demons manifest in strange places. But, if it’s a planned thing,

  •  Get a team of prayer people (2-3) Tag-team
  •  If you can, do it in a safe, quiet, private place.
  • Prep them: It’s not always accompanied by a feeling: This might be a short quiet prayer meeting!
  • Remember it’s not a moment but a process…“This kind comes out with prayer and fasting” – process that might take time.
    Also, “it’s not about ‘deliverance’ but lasting freedom — which requires insights about how it got in there in the first place!!” Thus there’s a lot of emotional work.  Start by having them confess any sins / any connections with the occult / any overt reasons that they might struggle. And be sure that they take time to forgive anyone in their life. After all, if we don’t do these things, not only is deliverance unlikely; but, even if it worked, that person is bound to get all of those demons back, and more!


If someone is manifesting the demonic (which happens in various ways),

  • Speak out loud – contrary to movies, demons aren’t able to read minds.
  • Every demon is different; Always ask God for customized wisdom! Some demons come out with peace-filled worship and prayerful side hugs – not violent shouting.
  • Demons generally only talk to distract & intimidate…pretending to be indifferent & unafraid of the attempt to evict.
    They rarely like to reveal themselves or names as it makes it easier to deal with them.
    – Generally, the only information that matters to us: Name(s), How many, How did they enter.
    – & Generally, revealing these things is defeat; and only happens after being goaded or compelled.
  • Have the afflicted say: “I renounce the authority of this demon.”
    If they cannot pray out loud, YOU pray out loud so the demon can hear you (neither demons nor people can read minds) and have them nod in agreement.
  • Some people have them “Expel” their breath as an act of faith (spirit also means breath).
    Ask the person to evaluate the different “rooms” of their soul: “Are there any Father/Mother/Spouse/Child wounds?” Have them confess any emotions/triggers that come to mind. Have them speak God’s promises over these areas.
    Have them Read Psm 91 & James 4:7 out loud
    NOTE: Not all demons come out in one session! Some people need dozens of appointments – it’s like counselling, a person needs to understand how they agreed with it in the first place – or why they depend upon it. Demons work a lot like physical healing and addiction recovery: Sometimes, it’s a singular instant moment; other times, it’s a process.
    The Goal: They may not get free of everything. But they will get free of something!

Have them Read the Following Prayer (out of Alexander Pagani’s book, “The Secrets to Deliverance”)

“Satan and every demon hiding in the rooms of my heart, I renounce you. I disown you, and I cease to acknowledge your works. I command you demon of __________ [name any possible demons that the Holy Spirit brings to mind] to start preparing to leave my body in the name of Jesus. I no longer tolerate you or your works in my life. I repent and sever any legal contract that granted you authority to enter the room. By my authority in Christ, I remove all authority from every demon inside of me and declare them unauthorized. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


The goal is to “close the door and lock it” so these demons never come back: So, the best remedy:

  • Get counsel about how they allowed the demon in the first place:  If you don’t have a full understanding about how/why you relied upon this stronghold, you will only repeat it. People tend to turn to both sin and strongholds for a reason – (Eg. Protection; or self-medicating;) And it’s like any other addiction in that, it can take time to renew our minds.
  • Get a small group & Confess your sins regularly (James 5:16). A Catholic Exorcist named Gabriele Amorth says: “Satan is much more enraged when we take souls away from him through confession than when we take away bodies through exorcism.” (Of course, he’s talking about Catholic confession to a priest; but, when the Bible talks about confession… it’s to ANY righteous person.) But the idea is still the same:  You need good Christian friends. Which leads to the next suggestion:
  • Get on ministry teams at your church:  I tell people all the time as their pastor: “YOU need ministry more than we NEED YOU in ministry.” Ministry not only liberates us from the tyranny of our comfort zones, but it connects us to people we would never normally talk to. God is always setting up new divine relationships for new problems. But these things don’t happen as often when we remain spectators in a church service. So, don’t wait until you “feel” bored. People who serve in a local church on a weekly basis rate themselves 7x’s happier than Christians who don’t! So, find a ministry that keeps you surrounded by Christian fellowship.