Demonology 101 – Everything You’ve Wanted to Know about Demons

Posted On October 14, 2023 By Peter In

What’s the Truth about Demons? And how do we get rid of them

Recently, at our 1st Wednesday service (Sept 2023), I started a series on Demons. And I had no idea just how popular it would be! Yet, I suppose, even non-Christians are interested in the topic (due to the ever expanding number of horror movies on the subject!) But, I believe that every good Christian needs to have a solid understand about “What are demons? And how do they related to the “Principalities and powers” mentioned in Ephesians 6:11-12?”

So, in PART ONE: “Demonology 101” (First Wednesday Sept.) I talk about when exactly did Satan sin? Was it before the world or alongside Adam and Eve? Is Satan an angel, cherubim or seraphim? And why would this matter? Some say that demons are the departed spirits of the Nephilim. But is that true? And of course, I can’t definitively answer any of these questions; But, I did share a few of my humble opinions (and some various scholars to explore). To watch, click here:

Now, if you’re interested in reading up on this topic, there are a lot of strange books (some that I wouldn’t recommend reading haha). But here’s a list of a few of my current favorites. Click here for “Books on Demonology”

In PART TWO: “Demonology 201” (1st Wednesday, Oct) I go one step deeper into the Old Testament worldview of demons. I discuss questions like: Can Christians get “demonized?” Why did first century Jews believe in “demonic civil wars?” And was Satan always “in charge” or is there still demonic chaos? Even more, do demons live on the face of the earth or in hell (or both)? Can they change locations if they want to? After sharing many of the Jewish ideas surrounding demons, I hit the seven things we know for sure about them from scripture! And I end with a few practical steps for avoiding them. To watch, click here:

In PART THREE: “Demonology 301” (1st Wednesday, November), I will actually explain how to cast out demons. And how to live a life that’s free of demonic oppression. So, be sure to join us this coming month.



A lot of you have been asking for more details and references in the above two messages. Normally, when I preach, I write about three sermons worth of content and then delete 2/3rds of it (so the average person wouldn’t be bored to death). And normally, I’ll take the remainders and publish it in a blog of sorts as an addendum. So, if you’d like to dive deeper into the Theology of Satan and Demons (with academic references), I wrote a free mini-book answering many of the questions below: Demonology_BookFormat_Oct2023

  • Is the Serpent of the Genesis Story really the same as “The Devil?”
    • I’ve heard that “Satan” didn’t refer to the Devil until the New Testament
  • When did Satan actually fall and get kicked out of heaven?
  • Was it before Adam and Eve were created, known as the “Gap Theory”?
  • If so, why would God allow an insidious creature in a sacred space?
  • What about the passage in 12 when “War broke out in Heaven?”
  • Are we sure that Satan was a Cherub and not a Seraph or Elohim?
  • Are we sure that Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 truly refer to Satan?
  • If Satan fell first, then how did he talk others into joining him?
  • Who are the fallen “Sons of God” (aka, Ben’ay Elohim)?
    • How are elohim different than cherubim and seraphim?
    • What are Humans compared to Elohim?
    • Is the “satan” of the Book of Job the same as “the Devil”?
    • How does our knowledge of the divine council change how we read this?
  • When did some of the Ben’ay Elohim Fall?
  • But How Could the Elohim Physically Procreate with Humans, really?
  • Who are the Nephilim and how are they related to demons?
  • What were some of the First Century Jewish traditions regarding demons & Elohim?
  • What parts of these traditions on demons can be validated by scriptures?
  • Was Satan always in Charge? What does it mean for him to be “the prince”?
    • Have there ever been civil wars amidst the demonic principalities?
    • Exposition of Ezekiel 31
  • What about Luke 10, where Jesus “Saw Satan fall like Lightning?”
    • When did this actually happen?
  • Why did Jews believe that Seventy elohim fell in Genesis 6?


Simply click on this link: Demonology_BookFormat_Oct2023 and open up the pdf in your favorite book reading app!


WANT TO KNOW HOW to do a Deliverance?


Now, if you’re interested in reading up on this topic, there are a lot of strange books (some that I wouldn’t recommend reading haha). But here’s a list of a few of my current favorites. Click here for “Books on Demonology”

But if I needed one simple book that hits most of topics, I’d recommend Derek Prince’s classic: “They Shall Expel Demons.” But there are a lot of better books if you’re looking for theology, or simple prayers to pray. So, check out my blog on this and check back for more messages in the coming months.

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