Welcome E21 Leaders!

Below you will find videos and articles answering many of the topics we hit during the February 1st Digital meetup.


Description: What are the top three predictors of spiritual growth? And what can we as pastors and small group leaders do to rethink the way we practice church? Pastor Peter teaches the “top 3 Catalysts” that Spirit-filled churches need to think about. If we can guarantee our church is great at these three things, the format of our churches (size, style, digital vs. physical) won’t even matter:  Click https://vimeo.com/340038567

VIDEO: “The Top Reasons Volunteers Quit a Ministry”

Description: Why do people flock to certain ministries in your church more than others, even when they are “more difficult”? Why are some leaders better at recruiting but horrible at sustaining? Quite often, it’s because they are failing to deal with their “ministry cliffs.” Every quarter, every ministry of Substance does an assessment to identify if they’re doing something that repels good volunteers.

If you’re interested in watching the Video Teaching on this, click here:

For an extended treatise on these five cliffs, click Written Cliff Teaching


The Five Types of DISCIPLESHIP: And how Substance integrates these into our model of church!

After a quick overview of everything going on at Substance Studios, Pastors Peter and Carolyn Haas explain to their top small group leaders how discipleship looks at Substance. There are five main “categories” of discipleship that most people embrace. But here is how Substance plans to integrate all five approaches into a singular model: https://vimeo.com/669562600/7d44053e13



Did you know that your church bylaws can essentially predict your odds of growth, splitting and even your churches’ life-expectancy? After studying hundreds of church splits, Peter Haas unpacks the simple mechanisms that can prevent a large number of them.   Two free mini-books here:  Bylaw Page

GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT DEMONS, OR END TIMES? Peter Haas has literally written entire books worth of content to help pastors sort out their theology on these topics.