Evangelism, the Easy way

Evangelism, the Easy Way

Posted On December 10, 2023 By Peter In

Sharing your faith can be super easy!  At our Dec. 6th 1st Wednesday Service, I mentioned all the things we’re doing to help make this easy (like sharing our new Christmas Sitcom trailer) which you download [here].

But when it comes to “Personal Evangelism,” over the years I’ve created a series of questions that help awaken me to some of the people in my life who could use more of God’s life! (It’s an “Evangelistic Worksheet” of sorts). But, as you go through the following prompts and questions, allow God to speak to you:

  • List everyone you interact with on a regular basis:  Think about your job, school, kid’s sports, lessons, frequent stores you visit, neighbors, relatives, etc.
  • List people you don’t interact with yet, easily could: because of common interests, needs, hobbies, proximity: , Your son plays basketball; and, there are parents you sit next to at every game yet never talk to. (I.e. you share time and common interests with them, yet not friendship.

As you look at these people,

  • What are some of the needs of these people? Physical, emotional, relational (think Maslows’ Heirarchy). What are some practical ways you are equipped or passionate about serving these people?  Prayer, financial; time, encouragement?
  • Identify Divine Grace & Chemistry: On these lists, there are usually a few people who are “easy” for you to connect with. Or, you know that God would easily grace you to help them. The first two lists focus on “interaction” and “common interests”; yet, this list focuses on chemistry: A strong inward impression that God is uniquely anointing you to sow a seed into this person or you know they’d be open to you inviting them to exploring their faith.
  • Identify: Who might discover their purpose by SERVING at a Service? Strangely… there are some personalities who will actually get saved by serving at a ministry of Substance (or going on a mission trip). If a person is longing for connection and significance, this might be an ideal option.
  • What are your Urgent Next Steps? 
    • Think about: “Who are the top people you need to reach out to right now?” What will you do? (Take them out to coffee? Have them over to dinner? Text them an invite to our services?) And when will you do this?
  • Start Praying for them: And what should you pray? Here are five verses to pray out:


  1. Pray that the father would draw them:

Jesus said: “No one can come unto me unless the Father who sent me draws them (Jn. 6:44).So pray that the Father heart of God would be revealed.

  1. Pray that their “Spiritual Blinders” would be removed.

2 Cor. 4:4  “The god of this age [the devil] has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ…” I.e., We don’t pray that they’d make the decision we simply pray they’d have the clearness of sight to make the decision!

  1. Loose the spirit of adoption: 

Romans 8:15  teaches that, God didn’t adopt us into a religion. He adopted us into a family! He doesn’t want us to merely become “Christians.” He wants us to become Children of God!  I.e., God’s not calling us to a system of Do’s & Don’ts but rather, a relationship that causes us to say: “Daddy! I’m home!” Make sense Everybody?

  1. Pray for Christians to cross their paths & enter into positive relationships with them.

“Ask the lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field.” Luke 10:2

  1. Pray to “loose the spirit of wisdom and revelation that they may know God”

Check this Out. Paul writes in Eph 1:17 “I keep asking that…God…may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.” I.e., If we want to know God, then ask God for his Spirit of wisdom & revelation.

So, let’s be faithful to target people with the blessings of God. And over time, let’s watch and be amazed over all that God will do.

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