Exciting News for Substance’s West Twin Cities Campus – Now in Maple Grove!

Posted On March 31, 2021 By Peter In

We are less two weeks away from our official Sunday morning launch of our West Twin Cities Campus! Over a quarter million people will hear about Substance in the next couple weeks. And here’s how you can be a part of this!

A little over a year ago, we sent out 400 Substance hardcores to launch our brand new West Twin Cities campus. And it was a smashing success. We quickly added another 300 people. And then COVID hit!  And, like a lot of churches, we had to pull a strategic retreat.

As the pandemic rolled on, we had some extra time to re-evaluate our multisite strategy. Our biggest problem is freeing up seats at our Northtown campus. So, when Maple Grove Highschool became available for our Westside campus, it was a no-brainer. Not only was it a big upgrade, but being 15 minutes closer to our Northtown campus, it  enables us to surge an extra couple hundred volunteers out of our Northtown campus – which it critical for scaling this campus. We truly believe that God wants us to grow this campus over 1000 by this Fall. And, by starting on Sunday nights, the momentum is building!

The Exciting News:

But here’s where everything gets thrilling: We’re about to do one of our biggest marketing outreaches in years! In the coming weeks, we will be inviting up to a quarter million people to Substance! And then, the week after Easter, we will finally be moving our West-side campus from Sunday nights to two Sunday Morning services! This means, we will have about 400-600 new people visiting our church in the coming couple months. Think of it like an orphanage: Every week, people will walk in who need to be adopted. We need YOU to help us.

If you attend our Northtown or Downtown campus and you can give us six weeks in Maple Grove – it will make all of the difference. I’ve been blown away by how many new visitors we’ve had on our Sunday night launch nights at Maple Grove Highschool.

And as an alternate way to help: If you currently attend Northtown, help us out by avoiding our 10am service (ie., come early 8:30a or come late 11:30a which helps us avoid any traffic). And if you go to either Downtown or Northtown, yet you know of unchurched families in the Northwest quadrant of the Twin Cities who could use a church, call up those friends and bring them to our Westside campus!

Most people will not take a step of maturity on their own! They need to be invited into maturity. In fact, the greatest disciplers aren’t “Bible scholars” rather, they are men and women of initiative! They are simple inviters. So, help us invite people to get on mission. And this is especially true right now.

Right now, every week we have about 5 long-term Substance families emerging from their COVID bubbles to come back to in-person church. Many of their families are in pretty rough shape (as they’ve had little or no fellowship or ministry outlets for over a year – which are the top two predictors of spiritual growth). Over 30% of the American church stopped going to church all together (including digital) this last year. And they need two things: (1). An invite back to in-person church; and (2). They need help reintegrating back into ownership – which is the only path to true refreshment (Prov. 11:15-26). In other words: We’re calling all “shepherds and sheepdogs!” We need people to adopt other people in our foyers – to invite others down the “Substance discipleship funnel” – Growth Track, small groups, etc. So whatever Substance campus you attend, spend extra time “working our foyers” – being a friendly face!

So to be clear: We need many of you too…

(1). Give us six weeks at our West Side Campus! You don’t have to abandon your friends or ministry at your other campus. But, come be a friendly face in the foyer.

(2). At Northtown, avoid our 10am service by coming early or late (8:30a or 11:30a).

(3). Text your friends who live in the West Twin cities and spread the word that Substance is finally going again!

And why? Because there are over 750,000 unchurched people in the Northwest Quadrant alone! The HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL YET THE WORKERS ARE FEW.

I love you guys! These are the problems we’ve always dreamed of!

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