Finally! An Operation Center for Substance

Posted On January 20, 2009 By Peter In

Can you believe that we’ve gotten this large without even having any real offices? Whenever I tell my pastor friends that we’ve got over 1600 frequent attenders… a solid number of full-time staff, yet no offices, their question is always the same: How are you doing it? And frankly, I really don’t know! We’ve been trying to be the most cost-effective church in America for our size (& we probably are); yet, if we’re gonna continue to add 60 new members a month (like we have for more than 15 months), we’ve got to do something! So get ready: A new Era is descending upon Substance!!!!!

As many of you heard this last Sunday, we are officially moving into an office complex… Complete with a 300 seat auditorium. Of course, this isn’t large enough to be our weekend facility; but, it’ll definitely make a HUGE difference in the meantime.

And keep in mind this is more than just a few conference rooms and a zerox machine. We need a meeting space for a heck of a lot more (like our homeless worship band for example). So, we’re talking about a full coffee shop… two different auditoriums… video studios… recording studios and a heck of a lot of cool meeting spaces for small groups and parties all throughout the week.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to do large scale prayer & intercession meetings, extended worship nights, Q & A nights, deeper Bible study nights, marriage & dating conferences (to name a few). Even more, we’ve been wanting a launch a good number of new ministries and internships; but, we strongly felt like the Lord had been telling us to wait.

But the wait is now over!!!!!!!

Of course, there are a lot more details I’m gonna share in coming weeks; but, stay posted online ( In fact, I’m editing a virtual tour which will be posted this next week. In the meantime, we need to raise about $200k to pull this off. Obviously, we wouldn’t have signed the lease if we couldn’t afford the rent; but, the build-out of this place is all together different. So, coming up on Sunday Feb. 1st, we’re gonna take up an offering for this operation center.

After all, this is gonna be a pretty radical improvement for Substance. I mean, if Substance can create this large of an impact under total chaotic circumstances, then: watch out Twin Cities. The fuel can is about to be thrown on the fire!

So join me in praying this through. And pray about whether or not the Lord would have you contribute to this financially. We made a commitment to avoid doing any big, weird, and hyped up fundraising campaign (which my pastor friends thought was a pretty bold commitment); yet, I know that the people of Substance are generous. So be in prayer about this. The next era of fruitfulness is right around the corner!

I love you guys!!!!   Thanks for doing church with us!

P.S. Don’t forget about our 5:45 pm Family Meeting this Saturday!!!!  If you need babysitting email us! (

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