Flat-screen TV’s and Toilets?

Posted On November 20, 2008 By Peter In

Did you know…

My wife and I smooched for the first time over 17 years ago!  (We were actually only 16 years old! : )    Man, it’s amazing how fast time flies!   But my wife and I have been so busy with the church lately that we’ve almost forgotten to continue our seventeen year tradition.  So the remedy:   a sudden and random romantic getaway!

My wife booked this swanky hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  WOW.  I felt like I was James Bond in some futuristic night-club hotel.  Even the bathrooms had flatscreen tv’s in them with Cable tv!  To boot, there were handy telephones next to the toilet. (Note the picture below).

Of course, when all is said and done, our tradition of smooching has now been reinvigorated.  However, if I ever put a big flatscreen tv in my bathroom at home… make certain that you confront me.  O.K.?  Stewardship ethics aside… no one needs to sit on their toilet for that long!

I love you Substance!   Thanks for praying for us!

An Entertainment Toilet

An Entertainment Toilet

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