Skeptics Guide To Tongues & Prophecy

Free Booklet Called: “Skeptics Guide to Tongues & Prophecy”

Posted On April 26, 2015 By Peter In

As we’ve been studying the Book of Acts, many people have been asking me questions about the Holy Spirit.

For example: How do I know if I’ve received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? What’s the Biblical evidence of the Holy Spirit? Is it included in salvation? What’s up with Unknown Tongues? What does a prophecy “feel like?”

Over the years, I’ve had all sorts of questions like these, but I never had anyone to talk to about it. That’s why, after hearing the same questions over and over, I finally decided to throw it all into a free booklet called “Skeptics Guide To Tongues & Prophecy.” As a pdf, it should be able to open up on your phone, kindle or ipad.

Keep in mind, I wrote this well over a decade ago, with no intension of publishing it. I originally wrote in my free time for a few friends at Substance (& it’s terrible writing! WOW I’ve grown a lot as a writer). So, if you’re looking for high-quality Peter-Haas storytelling and humor (like in Pharisectomy), you won’t find it here : ) And after discovering my ninth spelling error, you’ll quickly realize that I still haven’t had anyone proof-read this yet. But, you get what you pay for! …& in this case, you get even MORE. Once again, you can download it here: Skeptics Guide To Tongues & Prophecy

Lastly, if you want to hear an entire sermon series related to this topic, be sure to check out my series “Super-natural” from January-February, 2012. It’s a bit more “up to date” as far as my theology on the prophetic, etc.

In the meantime, have fun! Grow in God.


Sktics Guide To Tongues & Prophecy

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