A Mini-book By Peter Haas

Get a Free Copy of my Mini-book: “Church In Space! the Secret To Launching your Spirituality to the Moon”

Posted On October 9, 2015 By Peter In

Have you ever wondered: Of all the spiritual disciplines, which of them affects us the most? Or here’s another question for you: We all like to

A Mini-book By Peter Haas

A Mini-book By Peter Haas

imagine that we are “growing spiritually.” But, how do we really know? What if there was a way to find out? And what if we could put our spiritual growth on the fast track?
In anticipation for my internationally launching humor book, “Broken Escalators,” I’m thrilled to release a digital minibook that answers all of the above questions titled, “Church In Space! the secret to launching your spirituality to the moon” – it’s a free digital download exclusively for those who preorder my soon releasing humor book, “Broken Escalators: Funny and Frightful lessons about Moth eating and Moving the the Next Level.”

In my typical style, I use lots of humor and research to unpack some of the more profound questions about faith, such as: How do we overcome our toughest temptations? Why do some people struggle with extra amounts of discontentment? What do the most successful Christians on earth all have in common? And what are some simple steps that would allow “normal people” to tap into this power?

Obviously, I’m super grateful to all the fans who made “Pharisectomy” a best seller. So, I wanted to toss in a few super-fun freebies for those who pre-order my new release. And my mini-book “Church in Space” is one of them!
So, here’s how you get it. If you go to www.BrokenEscalators.com it’ll link you to numerous places you can pre-order it (which officially releases this coming Tues, Oct 13th, 2015). If you get it before this Tues, you can plug your receipt details into a form at the bottom of the Broken Escalators web page.

Then, within a day, you’ll get an email linking 3 incredible freebies:
• A digital copy of “Church In Space!” (that works in any e-reading app)
• A digital copy of my best-seller: Pharisectomy
• A link to a TedX style talk I filmed called: “Curators & Connectivity: The Essential Mentors That Everyone Needs to Succeed”

And if people get 6 or more pre-orders, I’ll throw in 10 small group mini-films for Broken Escalators too! But I’m only doing this through MONDAY Oct 12th! (Of course, if you’ve already pre-ordered Broken Escalators, then, you should already have a link! If not, just fill out the form again w/your receipt, & we’ll make sure there are no glitches this time).

In many ways, this mini-book is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to experience ‘true church.’ It’s really a book about “transformational fellowship.” I actually wrote it to help our Substance attendees understand the “secret sauce” behind why our church, Substance, changes so many people’s lives. Of course, It was supposed to be a mini-book but… I got carried away when I was writing it… and it’s almost a full book : )

But I’m convinced that God is about to fast-forward the spirituality of a huge number of people through these book outreaches. You will laugh, cry, and delightfully question my discernment : )

Love you guys! & Thanks for praying over my big book launch this coming Tues!

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