Got questions about the End Times (Eschatology)?

Got Questions about the End Times?

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Welcome to the landing page for my sermon & blog series: “Be Right Back: Tough Questions about the Second Coming of Christ.”  Everyone has questions about the end of the world. And so, the goal here is to give you additional resources to help you navigate this exciting topic!

In the first section, you’ll see our sermon series video links (with summaries). Below that, I have multiple blogs designed to make this topic easier for you! Keep in mind, I am currently developing another five part series on the Book of Revelation. So check back to this page in the future!

But remember, the key idea isn’t to create a road-map for the End Times. Rather, it’s to look more like Christ in the End Times.




2020-03(Mar)7      “Studying the End Times”   (Part 1 in the Series, BRB: The Return of Christ)  – When people study the prophecies about the end times it can feel confusing. But the best way to approach the Second Coming of Christ is by studying the First coming of Christ. So, what can we learn? And how does it change the way we prepare for His second coming? (Prov. 25:2; Heb 11:6; Mt. 24:36; Acts 1:6-8; Mt. 27). – WATCH VIDEO HERE:


2020-03(Mar)14   “The Signs of the Time” (Part 2 in the End Times series, “BRB: The Return of Christ” – What are the four main views that Christians have taken about the End Times? After introducing the basic concepts, Pastor Peter moves onto a bigger question: Are there any Biblical prophetic clues indicating the 2nd Coming is near? (Rev. 20:1-6; Isa. 11:11-12; Luke 21:24; Mt. 24:14, 34)  – WATCH VIDEO HERE:


2020-03(Mar)21        “The History of the Future” (Part 3 in the End Times series, “BRB: The Return of Christ” – After recapping the four main end times views that Christians have taken, Pastor Peter gives a fascinating church history lesson on how each of the views became popular. But what do these stories teach us about our own biases? How might our current experiences in history be shaping the way we read the end times books? (2 Cor. 4:18; Titus 2:13; Ezekiel 36:10, 37, 38, 1 Peter 4:7-10)  – WATCH VIDEO HERE  And read the extended companion blog here:


2020-03(Mar)21        “The Backbone of the End Times” (Part 4 in the End Times series, “BRB: The Return of Christ” – Where do we get the concept of the End Times Tribulation from? Where did the doctrine of the Anti-Christ first get articulated in scripture? Why do people believe that the book of Daniel is the key to interpreting all end times prophecy? Pastor Peter explains the prophecy of Daniel’s Seventy Sevens and how it connects to the New Testament. (1 Timothy 4:16; Daniel 9) WATCH VIDEO HERE  And read the extended companion blog here:


2020-04(Apr)11         “The Titanic & the Antichrist” (Part 5 in the series BRB) After studying a dozen verses describing the “Last Days” Pastor Peter Haas ponders the question: “Where are we at in God’s prophetic timeline?” While many people get depressed about the predictions of prophecy, Jesus teaches us to be the exact opposite: We have the greatest opportunity in all of history. (Mt 24:6; Rev 2:26; 3:9, 21; Daniel 12:2-3) WATCH VIDEO HERE  And read the extended companion blog here:



How to Decide Your View of the End Times – A Five Step Study Process — How does a person begin studying the end times? Do we start with the Book of Revelation or do we start with Daniel? Much like building a house, your eschatology needs to be built in a particular order. I.e., You need to decide certain theologies first before others. So what are the main theologies that contribute to this? And what’s the best order in which to study them? Read Blog Here!


Four Types of End Times Books and the order in which to Read Them! — There are a million books about the End Times; yet, many of them are total trash. So, as a guy who has read hundreds of them, here are a few tips for you:  [Read Blog Here]



A Brief History of the End Times Views – What did the earliest Christians believe about the end times? And where did the Four main positions on the end times come from in church history? Its much easier to understand positions like Amillennialism and Postmillennialism when you understand the events and cultural forces that birthed them. So get ready for a tour through church history and how it shapes the way we read the book of Revelation!  [Read Blog Here]


Daniel’s 70 Weeks – Understanding the Backbone of End Times Theology – Why in the world do Christians believe in a Seven-year tribulation? Where does the doctrine of the anti-Christ come from? And what in the world is Daniel’s “Seventy Weeks?” And why is it so important? [Read Blog Here]


Who in the world is the “Anti-Christ?” What is the “Mark of the Beast? And does any of this have any basis in the Bible? Over the years, Christians have used these doctrines to create all sorts of interesting conspiracies. But seriously, what does the Bible actually teach about this villain? [Read Blog Here]



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