P&C Dec 1995

Happy 27th Anniversary to My Babe

Posted On December 16, 2022 By Peter In

P&C Dec 2022

Guess who’s tag-teaming w/me this weekend! This girl @carolynakhaas. & THEN, Christmas services start THIS Wednesday!! (& You guys will LOVE our Stranger Things themed sitcom!)

But to celebrate 27 Freaking Years with this hottie, here are 27 things I love about my lady…

(1). She is ALWAYS reading her Bible… like EVERY stinking day. And she always had a fresh insight from an obscure passage.

(2). She can out-work anyone. I’m constantly saying: “How does she do it?”… like 8 big emotional meetings in a row. And then she comes home and serves like it’s no big deal.

(3). She is gorgeous.

P&C Dec 1995

(4). She’s an amazing mom: Constantly calling her kids – listening to them process their lives.

(5). She works stinking hard to maintain a healthy weight.

(6). She’s always willing to cook things for me — even at odd hours of the night — when any normal human would say, “Heck No.”

(7). She puts up with my melancholy streak — she’s encouraged me through a million ditches of discontentment.

Peter, Carolyn, and Lijah circa 2002

(8). She listens to my nerdy book discoveries every day — and pretends as if I’m always brilliant and interesting.

(9). She’s got a great sense of style… (although a tad bit expensive now Anine Bing : )

(10). But DANG… she can bring home the bacon all by herself… so, she can spend her own money cuz she’s earned it.

P&C May 1993

(11). If something ever happened to me… and I was confined to my bed for a few years… I can rest assured she would be my sugar mama. (She would probably cause the church to seriously grow haha).

(12). She allows me to play obnoxious YouTube videos on geo-political politics. (Although… I do endure her obsessive love for repetitive Christmas music.)

(13). She’s a great Bible teacher: She always finds brilliant messages in obscure passages that no one would ever think to preach on.

P&C Sept 2022

(14). She keeps me from saying stupid things in my messages every single week. She’s always showing me how to make a point without making an enemy.

(15). She’s always looking out for everyone else’s well-being. Whenever I’ve texted 3 people to encourage them, I can rest assured that she’s probably encouraged 10 (and read my 3 texts for type-o’s).

(16). She can check-off a 40 point To-Do list in the same time it takes me to write a single email.

(17).  She is a super loyal friend. She’s super quick to apologize, give people the benefit of the doubt and bend over backwards for people… even people who take advantage of her. YET,

P&C Circa 2015

(18). She’s grown to be healthy enough to establish uncomfortable boundaries with people. She loves to be helpful to people with all of her heart (She’s an Enneagram 2); She hates conflict with all her heart and longs to avoid it; yet, she’s not afraid to strategically create it with unhealthy people who need it.

(19). She likes the same movies as me.

P&C Jan 2021

(20). She worships so freely with her hands that it’s common for her to poke me in the face.

(21). She’s quick to pull me into prayer whenever there’s a burden I’m carrying.

(22). She always wants to bless people with everything:  Free Dates, vacations, money, food… ANYTHING she can share, she will share it… and do so right away. She’s quick to send care-packages to her friends across the country.

(23). She will happily lose sleep so I don’t have to…even though she’s not a morning person (and I feel kinda guilty about it… a lot… haha).

(24). She stays up late watching tv with me (even though it’s probably not good for her)… she knows that “time” is my love-language (even though “I don’t believe” in love languages haha.)

P&C circa 1998

(25). She puts up with my mellow-dramatic arguments for everything (I’m kind of opinionated and am prone to ranting!!). And I know she overlooks offense… a lot… when I’m talking.

(26). She looks nerdy-hot in glasses – even though she hates them.

(27). She looks WAAAAY too young to be married for 27 freaking years! And God absolutely knew what he was doing when he put us together — even though I had no clue for many many years.

P&C 2021

I love you @carolynakhaas. A great marriage isn’t “found;” rather, it’s “forged” through servanthood, awkward yet constructive fights, and ultimately, through humility. You’ve proven those things to me time and time again.

Here’s to the next 27 years!

Happy Anniversary.


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