Happy Birthday Carolyn

Posted On May 2, 2009 By Peter In

17 years ago!

17 years ago! Note: Grunge was cool then.

2009 is going just fine

Peter Haas & wife 2009 – & 17 years hotter!

My wife and I started dating over 17 years ago!We’re celebrating her 34th birthday today.And that means, we’ve been together for more years than we’ve been apart.Isn’t that crazy?In fact, for her 17th birthday, I bought her a cassette tape of a band called “The Cure.”(And, if you don’t know what a cassette tape is, it’s a square hunk of plastic that people once used to play music).  And if I’m not mistaken, she bought me silk boxer shorts from Structure for my 17th birthday (but, we won’t talk about that.)

But, here’s the story:My wife and I have known each other through about 5 different hair styles (that’s a long time!)So, I just wanted to say publically:I love you sweetie!May you be blessed on your birthday.And I look forward to many exciting years together!

Love, Peter

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