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Impact Assessment Handout – Identify the Area of your Greatest Impact

Posted On March 8, 2018 By Peter In

Impact Assessment:

Your greatest impact for the kingdom can be found in the convergence of your gifts, your influence, and your opportunities. Spend time brainstorming answers to the following areas and see where all three of these assets converge. The areas of cross-over could very well be the place of your greatest impact.

(1). Gift Inventory: What gifts has God given to you?

SKILLS – (For Eg). Organizational; Creative; Technical; Leadership; Speaking;
HOBBIES – Sports; Youtube; Blogging; Music; Cooking; Writing;
PASSIONS – Social / Political / Spiritual / Unspiritual (Movies; Novels; Gardening)
PAST / PAIN – What have you experienced or overcome that opens doors to certain tribes?

(2). Influence Inventory: Which tribes of people could you most naturally reach?

(Eg., Baseball fans; Jazz lovers; Sci-fi Nerds; Alcoholics; Teenaged Moms)
Are there any groups of people you are comfortable around, & they with you?
There are some people who, you are the only Christian they know: Who are they?

(3). Opportunity Inventory: How can you practically serve these people?

How can you show them God’s love to the people identified in your Influence inventory?
Which of your current opportunities provide the greatest resources or acceleration to your Gifts & Influence?

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