Jesus, Peter Haas, & Craig Groeschel

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Billy Hornsby & me preaching at

Billy Hornsby & me preaching at

Well, I got to live out a dream of sorts.  As many of you know, I’m a big Craig Groeschel fan.  And if you don’t know who he is, well… he’s the pastor of the amazing and innovative  He’s a younger guy (40’s) yet they already have a bazillion campuses.  Seriously, this guy is taking over the world.  And, of course, the staff and I LOVE listening to his messages.  (But don’t start listening to him otherwise you’ll know when I rip him off!  :  )  …j/k…

But, seriously, he’s kind of a hero to me.  So when Billy Hornsby, the President of the ARC church planting organization, asked me to speak at a small church planters conference at Craig’s church, I was freaking out.  After all, I’ve seen so many video messages of Craig, it was rather surreal to actually stand on the same holy stage and teach others.

In fact, when I put on the headset microphone & wireless pack, it said, “Groeschel” on the side.  Immediately, I felt like I was holding a sacred relic! …you know… as if I was wearing Michael Jackson’s silver glove, or wearing Elvis’ belt!   I mean, this was the very same microphone that has blessed me over and over again!  I felt like I was borrowing the Fonzes’ leather jacket!  (Yes…I was a child of the early 80’s).

And right before I was about to take a picture with me cuddling it… (you know, for staff humor that would only make sense to my staff) it started giving feedback… so the sound guy had to switch it out.  But I still had time to wipe off some of the anointed sweat.  (again, I hope you know I’m kidding).

Of course, the conference was really amazing.  The video feeds will be seen by thousands of people.  And, I got HUGE feedback from a good number of church planters. But despite the amazing conference, I still wasn’t able to meet Craig!

So, a bit deflated, I was at the airport, getting ready to fly home.  I had just ordered the most amazing footlong chilli-cheese dog to console my milieu of emotions; and, take a wild guess who was behind me at the airport?!  It was Craig Groeschel… in the flesh!

Immediately, I was star-struck (which doesn’t happen very often).  A few awkward words flew out of my mouth.  And it turns out:  He knew who I was!  Can you believe that?  He’s heard stuff about Substance!  What a crazy deal!

So listen up:  As fun as that was, there is something far more amazing that I want to make you aware of:   God Himself knows your name!   I mean, THE God who created the universe… the author of all life… the maker of all things, knows who you are and is knocking on your door!   …That’s CRAZY.

I mean… as great as it was to meet a hero of mine, it is a far greater privilege to be able to meet with Christ himself through prayer.  In fact, it’s almost mind-blowing that such an important person would even care enough to initiate friendship with us, let alone meet with us.

After I gobbled down my endless hotdog over good fellowship, I had a great moment with God today.  I’m looking at the clouds outside my window; and, I just know deep down in my heart that he’s smiling at me.  He love to bless his children.

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, don’t let God’s invitation to meet with him go unanswered.  With such an invitation as this, we need to spend time with him.  After all, He’s not just good.  He’s Great.  But you can’t take my word for it.  You gotta experience it for yourself!

I love you guys!

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