MPLS on Fire

LOVE THIS CITY – Help Substance Bring Relief to Minneapolis

Posted On May 30, 2020 By Peter In

Our city is literally on fire. And the time for talk is done. Here is our battle plan. And how you can help.

As you already know, the destruction over the past few days has primarily affected minority families and businesses. Thousands have lost their jobs and homes. So, Substance has been helping people find housing. But if you know people who are in need, Manna Market (our free grocery distribution center at our Northtown Campus) has been operating non-stop. For example, we have many school teachers in our congregation who have been gathering food for students and families at risk. We are also providing food packs for hundreds of children & families that live near the 3rd Precinct. So, if you know of people in need, go to

TODAY (May 30)

4p – INTERCESSORY PRAYER WALKS around our Downtown Campus. Find parking offsite (on your own) and join us at Historic Wesley. Please do NOT plan on sticking around past curfew. This is not a joke. This is not the night to see the protests. Tonight will be dangerous and will only serve to hurt our minority communities worse.

SUNDAY (May 31) 

8:45 & 10:45a – Join us for Digital Church as we have our friend Pastor Jimmy Rollins – a national voice on racial pain and healing. Trust me, it will be ANOINTED.

1p – We are Giving away emergency food packs at Historic Wesley: Park on your own / Wear your “LOVE THIS CITY” t-shirt  – We will also have prayer walks; We will spend time cleaning in strategic areas. More details coming.

THIS WEEK: We need people to pack boxes of food; We need heavy duty moving boxes (for that food) Drop them off at our NTN Campus (or bring to DTN on Sunday); Participate in GIVING financially to #loveourcity  (; But, Please, do not hesitate to reach out to your community through your small groups and Micro Campuses. Many of your leaders already have great plans!

But PRAY PRAY PRAY. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. The church is the only true hope to bring about change. ALL REAL CHANGE begins with repentance and prayer.

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