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Did you know, research shows that only “10% of happiness is based on circumstantial things like, income, marital status, jobs, good looks, or geographical location!” Wealth, jobs, cars and great looks do not affect happiness as much as we’d like to imagine. In fact, wealth actually decreases a person’s happiness above a certain point. Or, we all imagine that a great looking spouse or a move to California will somehow change everything; yet, no one in California is statistically happier. And great looking people are just as discontent. Once again, circumstantial things only affect our happiness by about 10%! So, what accounts for the OTHER 90%? And, why do people allow their time, energy and prayers to be dominated by this 10%?

In a nutshell, that’s the thesis of my book “Broken Escalators” – it’s a book about how our dreams get highjacked by numerous “myths of happiness.” As a result, it causes us to feel like we’re always stuck on a “broken escalator” towards our dreams – getting to the next level of our lives feels harder than it should.

As a pastor, I get to hear a lot of people’s prayer requests. The vast majority of them are dominated by “circumstantial prayers” – “my finances, my job, my ever increasing middle aged gut!” – again, things that only affect our happiness by a variance of 10%. At times, it almost seems like our entire relationship with God is hijacked by this 10% of our lives – all the while, God is LONGING to show us the secrets to the other 90%.

Not surprisingly, for thousands of years, the Bible has taught that happiness is primarily a spiritual problem, not a circumstantial problem. “Your soul finds rest in God alone” (Psm62:1). Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who believe this “in theory” – yet, the pursuits of our lives reveal quite a different philosophy!

Once I started seeing this theme in scripture, I was shocked by how often my emotions fall prey to what I call the “Myths of Happiness and Promotion.” All of us have a tendency to obsess over all of the wrong things. And after years of watching this, I finally compiled “10 research driven myths of promotion and happiness.”

Seriously guys, once you read the 10 myths, you will never make decisions the same! Heck, the moment I learned these myths, it completely wrecked my prayer life (for the better)!
Believe it or not, our prayers can actually reveal our promotability! I.e., If you want to know if you believe a few of the myths of happiness, just stop and listen to your prayers! God actually gives us numerous tests that reveal whether or not were ready for a higher level of promotion!

I think that’s why I’m so thrilled about this book. I want everyone to get on the fast track to their dreams. Unfortunately, many of us feel like were stuck on a “broken escalator.” But all of that can change!

So help me get the word out! I’d LOVE it if you’d help me spread the word on social media. Post your favorite quotations, or leave a positive review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

FYI, I’ll be at the ARC West Conference in Orange County CA all week! I’m certain to be doing a few book signings there. Also, to all you SubstanceChurch folks, don’t be afraid to ask me to sign your book. You guys are my family!!

But here’s my original point, and I don’t want any of you to miss this: “To the person who pleases [God], he gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness” (Eccl.2:26). But it begs the question, what is it mean to “please God.” And what can we do to accelerate our access to wisdom, knowledge, and happiness?
“Lord, teach us how to please you. We’ve only got one life to live. And we need your Grace to come full us with wisdom, knowledge, and happiness, in Jesus’ name. Amen!”
Wanna see the brand new “Broken Escalator” website? – Or videos about the book?

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