New Substance Documentary Coming Out

Posted On July 8, 2010 By Peter In

Substance Documentary coming soon

Every so often, we have so many cool announcements that I simply need to stop and blog.  As many of you know, we always grow by leaps and bounds in the Fall.  Pastor Mark Mellen (who’s in charge of many of our service logistics) is convinced we’re going to grow by 900; and, for the first time, I actually think it might be possible!  But, fear not: We have a pretty solid game-plan.

First off, we are changing our service times at Northwestern campus to 9:30am and 11:30 (to give more beauty sleep to our college students).  So if you missed your alarm clock for Fridley… it’s all good!  NWes. will be waiting!  Also, we are rotating my live preaching at both Fridley and Northwestern campuses.  I.e., I will be preaching live every other service every other week. (For Eg., I’ll be live at Fridley early service & N.Wes late one week, then live at N.Wes early & Fridley late the next week.) Of course, the reason for this is that we need to gain more balance between our services if we’re going to remain effective reaching lost people.  So, if you can, try to attend an early service at either Fridley or NW.  Chances are, all of them will feel packed.

Secondly, get ready for an amazing new program called SHIFT.  The staff and I just finished 8 short films that are designed to radically alter what you perceive church to be.  This last March, I talked all about how this will dramatically change our church culture.  If you haven’t had the time to hear my last State of the Church address (where I discussed this), check out the “Go Deeper 03/09/10” video on Ustream (off of our homepage)… It’s filled with exciting testimonies that will get you charged up about Substance’s future!

Third:   In two weeks from this Sunday we are going to play a brand new Substance documentary on the Ethiopian church plant we are about to launch.  The story of Omot and Hannah Aganya is downright heart-wrenching and inspirational.  And we’ll be showing it as a part of a greater teaching series called “The Blessed Life” (which, we are launching this week)!  I’m convinced that this teaching series will alter the course of this church.  So, even though it’s summer time, Substance is making HUGE strides.

So, in between your Twins games and jaunts to the cabin, make sure you stay in touch this summer.   Come Fall, we’ll need all hands on deck!  I believe we’re going to see more miracles and transformations than we’ve ever experienced before.  In the meantime, I’m praying for you all!

I love you guys!  Stay full of God’s Word and power!

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