Operation Center Opening Sunday!

Posted On July 17, 2009 By Peter In


Sneak-peek of Cafe at the OC!

Sneak-peek of Cafe at the OC!

We have so many wonderful things going on this Fall.  We’re launching a new Substance worship experience at Northwestern’s fine arts theater (in addition to Fridley).  We’re also upgrading Fridley with a dual projection HD video system by this August (It will look like a huge vertical wall of video).  But, despite the flurry of facility updates, we can’t forget to celebrate our new Operation Center in Roseville!


This Sunday, (July 19th) we are officially opening our new facility for business!  The coffee machine works beautifully!  (I hear that it’s basically the same set up that Starbucks uses).  So join us Sunday afternoon for our official Open House / Dedication event!  At 2:30 pm, doors open for tours (led by the staff and me).  At 3:30 we’re going to dedicate it.  And we’ll continue giving tours and hanging out until 4:30.  So join us!  God is doing amazing things.

And remember:  It’s not so much about “the building.” Rather, God has been at work in our church community.  We’ve had an amazing number of unchurched people give their lives to Christ in the past few months.  We’ve also had an unusual number of people get involved in new ministries that we are currently launching.  So, this building is nothing more than a symbol representing the true cause of our celebration:  the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven!!!!!  So pray that God enables us to continue glorifying him with the increase!  All right!?  I LOVE you guys!!!

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