Our 1st Financial Magazine!

Posted On August 2, 2010 By Peter In

The inside scoop on Substance Churches vision & finances

Substance Financial Magazine 2010

Oh no you didn’t.”  Oh yes we did!   Substance just finished it’s very first vision and financial update magazine.

I realize that it might not be that exciting to you. But it’s just that most churches give such small reports (thus, nobody cares).  Or just as sad, many churches give out these complicated profit and loss statements that are impossible to interpret.  (And honestly, I’m just confessing our own shortfalls from the past).  But as our team talked about it, many of our leaders felt like it was time to really step up our communication on our finances.  And frankly, I couldn’t agree more.

You see: I believe that honest transparency + Good budgeting philosophy = Generosity.   I.e., I believe that, when the average Substance member sees how efficient our spending systems are, it just makes you proud to give!  Of course, I know that most of you who give are giving to GOD (not Substance,) BUT…it sure helps to know that it’s still going to produce amazing fruit!  Agreed?

But the other reason for doing this magazine is because we have a huge number of big decisions to make as a church.  For example, What might a Future Facility Look Like? What will it cost?  How will it fit Substance?  Where might it be located?  What are the facility circumstances that we’re trying to steer clear of?  All of these things will be amply answered in this year’s magazine.

So where can you find it?  Every week we’ll have copies at the info center.  Or just click here for the online version:  http://substancechurch.com/content/pdf/Substance_Financial_Report_Mag.pdf

Alternatively, we have an audio version (read by me) that will soon be available on itunes, etc.  (But, frankly, you won’t want to miss all the pretty pictures.)

Yet, the greater point is this:  We need all of you to read this… especially as we move forward into an exciting new year.  And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!  In the meantime, get inspired… get informed.  Substance is on the cusp of some pretty amazing changes!

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