Our First Star Tribune Article!

Posted On October 4, 2008 By Peter In

Well, I guess we are an officially “known” church in the Twin Cities.  After all, we just got our first Star Tribune article written!  We got two pretty large pics… one of which was a 8 x 10 spread across the front of the variety section.  Of course, I was uncertain how it would turn out; but, it happens to be a really nice article!

As I was sharing my crazy “coffee-in-my-lap” story in my message last week… I demonstrated how I was scooping iced-coffee out of my nether regions when the Star-trib photographer started taking pictures.  Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that I might actually need to pretend to look more dignified (but, there’s no sense in hiding the truth!)

So, If you’re wanting to read the online version, I’ve pasted the link right here:  http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/faith/30269639.html?elr=KArksUUUU

And, if that doesn’t work, I’ll try to paste another copy down below.

But, isn’t it fun to start getting a reputation in the city?  I mean, we’re a brand new church.  We’re a four year old church — fresh out of our diapers.  I remember when we first planted, I tried to get a $10,000 line of credit at the local bank (to establish our credit and reputation for the future).  At my last church, I had numerous banks begging me to do million dollar loans, so I thought this would be easy.  After being denied, the banker said:  “I’m sorry.  You guys do not look like a very stable investment!”  (I was so shocked and mad!  After all, I was only doing it to establish some credit!!!)  But even still, I had to pick my fragile ego off the ground and look towards the future.  The bottom line was, our organization was too young — and had a weird name!

But doggonit!  We’re in the newspaper now!  So friends, let’s celebrate!  Twin Cities:  Here we come!

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