Welcome to my Parenting Resource Page:

Over the years, Carolyn and I have done a lot of blogs and teachings on parenting (and how to nurture your marriage amidst parenting)!

So, I’m starting to scrap them all together into a singular page of resources!

Below you’ll find multiple blogs and messages on everything from, how to talk about sex and dating (at different ages) to how to keep your marriage strong in every phase of parenting (which is one of the top predictors of child-outcomes!).




3 Tips to Help New Dads Survive the 1st Four Months of Baby – a survival guide for first time dads! This is what I tell dads – about how to thrive with a baby in the picture. (Warning: I get hilariously graphic)

How Vacations can save your Marriage (and your Kids)! How long has it been since you vacationed apart from your young kids? Many young couples say: “We can’t afford to do that?” But experience has shown me, you can’t afford to NOT take vacations apart from kids. But how can we make it work?

How to Handle Dating as a Parent (without losing your mind) –  A lot of people ask me: How did you talk to your kids about dating and sex at various ages? Well, it was completely different when they were in 5th grade verses high school. But, here’s a detailed account of a few of the conversations we had with each of our kids at certain ages!

How can I be a better Son or Daughter to my Parents: A lot of people had parents who were “less than stellar.” So how does a person “reverse parent?” Or, how does a person find an “adoptive mom or dad” through God’s church? What might this look like?

Top Must-Read Parenting Books: Those of you who know my wife know, she’s a “Mommy-ologist.” She’s read hundreds of parenting books. In fact, she was so obsessive about them that, for a ten year period, it was rare that she wasn’t carrying a parenting book with her at all times! Here are a few of her picks for young parents.

How to Increase your Kid’s Passion for the Bible: Did you know that reading to your kids correlates with an increase in your child’s intelligence? You don’t have to be an “anti-technology” parent in order to create this habit.

How to Get Your Kids to Fall in Love with the Church: All of our kids went through phases where church was “complicated.” How can parents negotiate these phases?


“Parenting Peace” (Part 2 in the Series “Finding Peace”) – After diving into both scriptures and scientific research on parenting, Pastor Peter introduces a concept called “the Golden Window.” There are critical mentoring moments in a person’s life that God wants us to seize. Much like understanding seed-time and harvest seasons, we need to prioritize family over professional success. But do you know what they are? Whether you have kids or not, this will help you revolutionize both your parenting & your discipleship while minimizing your regrets (Prov. 29:17; Isa.54:14; Luke 10:41; Prov. 3:17). Aug 13th, 2023



“Parenting & Discipleship Q & A” with Peter & Carolyn Haas (First Wednesday, Sept.2022) – Learn tips and tricks on marriage and parenting from one of our Q & A nights! Learn about: When and how to have tough convos with kids; How to adapt in each new season; How to talk about dating & finding “the One.” What to look for in a spouse. And how to respond when our mental health is below par.



“The Multiplied Life” (First Wednesday May 2022) – Did you know, over 75% of church kids will walk away from Christ when they graduate from high school. This alarming statistic has grown higher and higher over the last couple decades. But the the good news is that, there are a few simple habits that will change everything. Find out what the 25% are doing differently to become the exception to the rule. And find out what Substance is doing to change all of this, in this “Vision Update” message from May 2022.



“Learning the Spirit of Sonship” (Perspective Pt. 5) What does Biblical parenting actually look like? Many parents miss the greatest opportunities to impact their kids. And many kids miss the greatest opportunities to experience divine acceleration. So, how can we be better parents as well as better sons or daughters? In this profound message on mentoring, Pastor Peter gives us a model of discipleship that can have a profound affect our spiritual promotion (Prov. 13:22; Malachi 4:6). Oct 20th 2019



“Open the Door” (Part 1 in the Series Home Improvement) – What does Spiritual and Relational poverty really look like? Many of us are afflicted with a very narrow definition of success. And as a result, we fail to see all of the great plans that God has for our Families, finances and physical bodies. But most people who live in spiritual poverty can’t see it. So, how do we know if we’re one of them? (Revelation 3:17-21).  2-11-18


Peter Haas is the Lead Pastor of Substance Church – an international multisite church based in Minneapolis. Peter is also a dj-turntablist who produces & tours with Substance Variant. He writes comedy

books on spirituality: “Pharisectomy: How to Remove Your Inner Pharisee and Other Religiously Transmitted Diseases” (2012) and Broken Escalators (2015). See – @peterhaas1 (twitter & instagram)




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