Peter Vs. The Volcano … and I lost!

Posted On May 18, 2010 By Peter In

Can they really cancel your flight while you’re ½ way across the north Atlantic Ocean?  Apparently so!

As many of you know, I was off to South Africa via Amsterdam to preach at a pastor’s conference north of Johannesburg.  And all of a sudden, that naughty little volcano in Iceland (who’s name no one can even pronounce) came along & coughed up a good amount of ash into the air.  Of course ½ of the airports in Europe were suddenly shut down.  So, what does one do?  Apparently, one turns the plane around and goes all the way back to Minneapolis.

Of course, every subsequent flight was instantly booked throughout most of the week… unless I wanted to spend $5 grand routing myself through China.  By the time I would arrive, I’d have to jump right back on an 20 hr flight just to make it back in time for Substance.   I mean:  Come On!  At the very least, this stupid volcano should have a pronounce-able name.  At least, that way, I could hurl insults at it.  (I suddenly understand how Clark Griswald felt when Wally World was closed.)  It had felt like such an epic journey… & yet now I’m back home for the week.

I thought about that Proverb that says:  “Hopes deferred make the heart sick.”  Have you ever experienced that before?  Life has its share of twists and turns.  But, as I grow older, I’m starting to see the silver linings more quickly.  Romans 8:28 says that “God causes all things to work together for good for those that love him.”  So, I’ve been trusting God that He is having his way even when it’s different than I expect.

Interestingly, on my North-Atlantic “site-seeing tour”, I got to sit next to a believer who helps lead at a great church that Substance is friends with.  (Seriously…What are the odds?) We had some fantastic leadership discussions.  And I can’t help but to suspect that God was simply planning a very unique and extravagant fellowship moment.

It also hard to feel bad when it’s 80 degrees outside.  I immediately bought tickets to a Twins game this week.  And I’m still hoping to see a lion… even if I have to go to the Como zoo to do it.

Of course, I realize that many of you are having tough times…. perhaps in your finances, emotions, your marriage or job.  And you may not have naughty volcanoes causing the problems; but, no matter what the cause of your burdens, remember this:  “[God] will never let the righteous fall.” Psm 55:22.  He has a fantastic way of turning tests into testimonies.

So, don’t let your emotions take you down.  Let your faith build you up… even if you’re forced to have a South African BBQ in Minneapolis!  All right?

I love you guys!  Thanks for all of your prayers!

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