Pics of Lights at OC recording!

Posted On August 2, 2009 By Peter In

Office Center LightsWell we just finished doing all of our new service times this weekend… and it all rocks. Wow.  Our Saturday recording at our Operation Center was stinkin cool!

In case you didn’t know, starting this last Saturday August 1st, at 5pm, we started an event called the Saturday Night Recording at our Operation Center studio auditorium. We have so many people listening to our audio podcasts from around the country that we decided to change to full video podcasts of our messages. Keep in mind, our largest “service” could easily be our online audience. Also keep in mind, our coffee shop will also be open on Saturday nights!!!! : )  (we gave free coffees to everyone who showed up this last Saturday!)…. perhaps we’ll do it again : ) ?  But when all was said and done it was AWESOME!!!!  So, if you have a free Saturday, come on out and hear the message before anyone else does!  (sorry, no child-care : ( we’re recording : (

But make sure you read the vision document that I linked in an earlier post!  It has a lot of important information about the changes we’re making this Fall.

And remember, at Fridley, our Sunday morning services are changing to 9am and 11 am. (No more 8 am service) So if you attended 8 am, we’re asking you to “sleep in for Jesus.”
Of course, it will still be a month before we launch at Northwestern, but be praying: These are exciting times!  And watch out for changes at Fridley.  Because we’re unveiling our new lighting and video set up at Fridley in the coming weeks. (And it will look stinking cool!)   God is Amazing!
See you there!!!

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