Playbook Notes – The 5 Failures We Commit During Expansion:

We ALL want our organizations to grow. Yet, 99% of the time, we fail to achieve our leadership goals because our organizations aren’t “Growable.” I.e., Growth comes from Grow-ability. It’s much like trying to score a touchdown as a football team yet not designing a playbook. Success will always be elusive until we design and create an organizational playbook. But the good news is this: There’s a predictable pattern to “playbook failure.” And it’s usually one of five things:

(1). A failure to Expand the playbook to the level of your adversary:

(2). A failure of Quarterbacking more than Coaching:  Working IN the ministry instead of ON the ministry.

(3). A failure of training a single quarterback who may get injured or leave.

(4). A failure to discipline the team when they fail to run the play.

(5). Or, When disciplining the team, the failure of doing it properly (& players quit).