So What’s Up with Substance’s Facility Search? (an inside scoop into Substance’s multi-site future)

Posted On March 10, 2012 By Peter In

One of the difficult things about Substance is that we don’t have a facility large enough to do a “family meeting” …you know… the type of meeting where we talk about nickels, noses, and needs.  In fact, we don’t even have a facility where even 20% of our church could meet.  Thus, every few months, I’m forced to insert a “State-of-the-Church” update into my message.  And it’s hard to keep people informed when things change as often as they do.

But to keep people up to speed, I occasionally write F.A.Q. documents like the one posted below.  The details are too much for a Sunday morning message; yet, a curious and involved congregation like ours needs to stay in touch.

So below, you’re going to find a huge number of answers.  I write in detail about questions like: Where might this facility be and why?  How long might our facility take to build?  What other campuses might we consider building in the next five years?

But, hopefully, one thing will be abundantly clear:  We need prayer warriors, and we need generous givers.  Even more, we need your input.  So, after reading the document below, make sure you give us a shout if you have any comments, questions, encouragements or concerns.

One thing is for sure:  If Substance can accomplish this much with little or no resources, imagine what’s possible in the next five years.  Prayerfully read the following FAQ’s.  And when you’re done, ask yourself:  What role would God have me play in all of this?

In the meantime, stay full of God’s life.  The vision that God has for Substance is just beginning to unfold.

[To Read the FAQ, click here]

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