Something to Shout About

Posted On October 31, 2008 By Peter In

People, I just got to do the coolest thing yesterday. Wow. I’m still buzzing over it.

For those of you who don’t know, I do a lot of mid-week speaking engagements at various colleges. There is something that is absolutely fun about speaking to college students! In fact, it was these college events that first sparked a desire in me to plant a church with young people. And last night reminded me again why we launched Substance.

Thursday evening I drove to UW Stout in Wisconsin and preached at the Campus Crusade for Christ group. Many of our original Substance launch team actually came out of this very ministry back in 2004. And, as usual, this Crusade is fantastic at getting nominal and unchurched people to be open to the Gospel.

Before I went, I had this super strong sense that God wanted to do something amazing. So, I spent the day fasting and off I went. When I arrived, the room seemed pretty packed.

And I’m telling you… I could sense the power of God like I haven’t in a long time. It was powerful. Before I even finished speaking, there was a girl weeping in the front row. And by the time I asked for a response to God’s Word, it seemed like the entire room was ready to fall to their knees. We saw a huge number of college students come into the kingdom.  The atmosphere was just electrifying.

Even now, I know that, forever, I’m gonna rejoice that God allowed me to be a part of that night.   So, if God leads you, pray for the Campus Crusade in Menomenie. God has blessed us through them. So let’s return the favor! All right?

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