Speaking at NorthCentral’s Missional Conference

Posted On February 24, 2009 By Peter In

What a weekend!I hope you guys enjoyed John Bolin!Talk about a fun guy.It was also a huge blessing to me as I was preaching at NorthCentral University’s Missional Conference.  I would be exhausted today if I had to preach 3 services, a leadership service, and then 3 more sessions here at the NCU conference.

Today I got to do three different sessions to a room full of pastors and ministry majors.And man, it’s fun to brag about all of you delightful men and women of Substance.There’s no church like you!

Specifically, they wanted me to speak on how we attract so many young people …which was pretty easy to explain  (Our worship director Jamin Cousins, is so good looking : ) (j/k);  but, it was amazing how many churches are struggling over how to stay up to date.  I suddenly realized that Substance really is unique.  (Some of you are like “Hel-lo there pastor!”)

I also got to speak to the entire student body.And right before I went up the M.C. asked, “How many of you have been to Substance?”And i’m telling you… half the student body raised their hands.I was shocked and blown away by how many people God has enabled us to influence.My wife, Pastor Nick and I all had to pick our jaws off the floor.I mean, we’re just a brand new church!It feels so humbling that, in a few short years, we get to do this kind of stuff.I mean, who am I to be able to speak to all of these young people?

As I walked away, I felt like God was speaking to my heart about the future of Substance.God is giving us influence.And this is a precious gift of God.  I guess, if I could put it another way,I just felt a strong challenge in my heart to “live a life worthy of the calling I received” (Eph 4:1).  And I hope that you receive the same challenge.

You see, the question is not:  “Does God want to promote us?”  Rather, the question is this:  “Am I the type of person that God could safely promote?”

So, thank you God!Thank you for letting Substance impact the lives of others!

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