Stinkin’ Cool Church Alert!

Posted On March 23, 2009 By Peter In

Well, sorry I was gone this last Sunday. 

I heard that Pastor Rob Ketterling from River Valley Church absolutely knocked it out of the park.  And in case you’re wondering he’s always that authentic.   Everyone says that he reminds them of the actor Jeremy Piven (You know… the actor with that sexy voice.)  Anyway…I was blessed to hear that you guys had fun with him; after all, Rob is one of Substance’s overseers (which means, he’d help Substance navigate things if we ever got into a crisis). 

But, in case you were wondering why I was gone, I was speaking at the coolest church in Austin Texas called Celebration Church. (  They’re like a 5000 member church that’s only around 8 yrs old.  (Talk about incredible!)  Even more, they’re just the coolest people too.  Everything from the worship to their staff felt just like Substance (just 2 to 3 times larger… and about 8 years older).  And Pastors Joe and Lori Champion are a complete blessing.  I just know that God has put them into my life for a reason.  Just by being there I was overwhelmed with insights about Substance.  So, even though I went there to teach; the truth was, I was the one who was taught!  And the future is bright!  Thank you God for amazing mentors!


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