“Stinkin’ Cool Pastors” Alert

Posted On April 2, 2009 By Peter In

The Farrinas at Cheesecake Factory

My Wife (left) & the Farrinas at Cheesecake Factory

Last Night I just hung out with some pastor friends, Tory and Elizabeth Farina.Talk about a fun couple!Seriously, every time I hang with them they make me feel like a million bucks (that’s a nice skill when you’re a pastor).As for me:I have an ability to make people around me more sarcastic.And, yes, that’s a gift too; but, I’m trying to acquire a few more gifts that will actually help me excel in the ministry.

Not surprisingly, Tory and Elizabeth call their church “Highpoint”…which is a great name by the way.It seems like everyone is naming their churches after golf courses, retirement homes, or any name that has a variety of tree.(Seriously, think about it).Of course, I can’t throw stones… after all, everyone thinks we’re a substance abuse support program.But, as for Tory and Elizabeth, they actually pastor right here in the Twin Cities… at a high school in Mendota Heights on the southwest side.Seriously, Substance people, you need to check out their church some Sunday.In fact, they’re just like Substance.

But anyways:Hats off to Tory and Elizabeth.You guys are rocking it.I’m just blessed to be friends with amazing people like you!!!!

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