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Posted On September 7, 2009 By Peter In

Cover Article - Being Substance!

Cover Article - Being Substance!

Who would have thought we could already be launching a magazine!  (Then again, who would have thought we could have become a triple site mega church in just a few years).  But God gets the glory once again!  And we’re excited to announce the inaugural issue of Being Substance Magazine.

As many of you know:  Substance is a “church of churches.”  We have over 100 different small groups, home churches, and fellowship opportunities that focus on every topic imaginable.  We always tell people: “Church is what happens in between church services.”  In fact, we go as far as to say:  “If you don’t have a friend to whom you could feel comfortable confessing your darkest sins… then for all practical purposes, you’re not a member.”  And it’s not that we “force” people to have this experience; rather, we simply know that it’s liberating to be a part of a family that truly has your back… that knows your darkest thoughts; yet, still loves you.  (In fact, see our cover story on Armin to get inspired!)  You see:  The greatest statistical predictor of spiritual growth is “quantity of intimate Christian friends.”  So, at Substance, we’ve always emphasized the need for small groups.

Of course, Pastor Nick kept coming up to me with a desire to “upgrade” our quarterly sub-group catalog.  And when NCU journalism professor Reuben David started dreaming with us, the idea was birthed:  “Let’s do a magazine… let’s highlight the amazing testimonies and events going on at Substance!”  Even more ambitious, “Let’s do this entirely with volunteers!”  After all, Substance is a church filled with writers and graphic designers.

Of course, our first printing is a scaled down copy of the online edition.  So, don’t forget to go online & see it! (  If it wasn’t for Paul Stein and Julie Clark, we wouldn’t have succeeded; but, our hope is that we can recruit a whole new army of journalists, historians, and graphic designers to take this to the next level!  So, if this sounds exciting, talk to Pastor Mark Mellen (

But here’s the deal:  Substance is busting at the seams.  We just grew by around 400 people this month.  God is clearly blessing our church.  But we need leaders, volunteers, and most of all:  prayer.  Remember, set your cell phone alarms for Friday at 6pm.  Hundreds of our members stop and pray for one another at exactly the same time.  And you can join us too!

So check out our magazine (especially online), and get involved.  Clearly, God is starting a movement here; but, the question is this:  Do YOU want to be at the center of it?  If so, join a small group, join a ministry, & get involved in our “empowerment track”.   Trust me:  You won’t be disappointed.

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