Substance Recordings Have Begun!

Posted On April 1, 2009 By Peter In


Jamin & Zach Lien

Jamin Cousins & Zach Lien...highly focused

For years I’ve been telling people that God’s got a call on this church to do worship albums.  In fact, my associate recently told me that 7 of the final 14 bands in the classic 3 degrees band tournament are Substance members.  (translation:  “We’ve got a stinking amazing number of talented musicians.”)

Of course, a lot of churches do mediocre worship albums… that are primarily cover tunes.  So when I talk about worship albums I’m not so much talking about cover albums.  Rather, we have some genuinely good original song writers here at Substance.  And perhaps you didn’t know this; but, I’m a rather obsessive song-writer myself.  I spend about two hours a week penning new songs.  (All those years of piano, guitar, and cello lessons are good for something!!)  

So when our worship producer Jamin Cousins finally came on full-time here, I charged him with the task of getting our musicians in order.  And that’s exactly what he’s doing.  In fact, this last weekend, we invaded Dylan Heeg’s house to do Substance’s very first recording sessions.  So far they’re sounding great!  But this is just the beginning.

But if you’re a starving artist… get involved!   After all, we’re gonna be doing a heck of a lot more of this once we get into our office center!  (Which is taking shape every single week we’re there!!!!)

Be blessed you guys!


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