Are you TOO Busy – How to Think in Busy Seasons – Part 2

If you’re feeling busy or weary, lets talk. In part 1 of this blogging series, we discussed the idea that: Success in one area of our lives won’t compensate for failure in another. The happiness of professional success will never make up for a lack of success in our marriage, friendships, parenting, etc. So, if…
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Are You TOO Busy? – How to Think in Busy Seasons – Part 1

Most people think that their busy pursuit of success is fine, until their lives melt down. I meet a lot of middle aged people who thought their marriage, kids, and physical bodies’ were fine (amidst the busyness of their careers) until all-of-a-sudden, they weren’t. CRASH. Your marriage falls apart; your kid does the unthinkable; or…
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Surviving the Fall Rat Race: How to Keep Your Family Sane in Back to School Season!

By popular demand, I wanted to repost a prior blog on how to survive the Fall Rat-Race! As I sat outside my kid’s school last week, it was amazing to see all of the parents scurry here and there.  Everyone looked exhausted… like I was watching the finish line of a super-marathon.  Kids fumbled in…
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