Christian Parenting

How to be a Better Parent – OR – a Better Son or Daughter!

Recently, I preached on parenting – some of the top regrets I hear, & how we can avoid them! We assume that, because we’re socially intelligent, our kids will necessarily catch it. But, it takes a lot more intentionality than most Christians think. To put it simply: life has a way of crowding out many…
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How to Get Your Kids to Fall in Love with the Church

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been traveling a bit more lately. From Canada to London to Pittsburgh to Orlando…the last few weeks have been a bit crazy. So, one of the more common questions I’ve been asked is this: “How do you parent your kids with such a crazy schedule?” Well, keep in mind, when…
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“Must Read” Books for Parents: Fun, Practical, & for Various Ages

The last couple weeks I’ve been hitting many of the top statistical predictors of healthy kids and marriages.  And in case you missed a few weeks, you parents will especially want to hear the research from week 3!   (click here to see videos).  But my wife and I want to give you some more information…
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