COVID-19 for Church

The Joys and Germs of Singing in Church: The Fascinating Science behind Reopening Churches

Just how dangerous is attending church, really? I mean, if a person infected with COVID-19 sat next to you in church, exactly how long would it take for you to get infected? I’ve been talking to a lot of experts and the answer may surprise you. Every week, the media warns us about the “dangers…
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Is the Cure Killing Us? How History can Help us Rethink our COVID Response

Whenever history changes due to a single event, people often call it a Black Swan Event. A Black Swan isn’t merely a historical event. It’s an event that fundamentally shifts both our behaviors and views of reality – think 9-11; or when Europe discovered North America. Now, the reason I’m explaining this is because, the…
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Resources for Pastors – How To Do Church in Light of COVID-19?

As many of you know, Substance is helping 100’s of churches respond to the Corona Crisis. We’ve been flooded with hundreds of questions (from church tech to church legal issues). SO, I created this page as a resource for pastors. Keep in mind, I modify this almost every week! (And things change fast). So, take some…
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