End of the World

Got Questions about the End Times?

Welcome to the landing page for my sermon & blog series: “Be Right Back: Tough Questions about the Second Coming of Christ.”  Everyone has questions about the end of the world. And so, the goal here is to give you additional resources to help you navigate this exciting topic! In the first section, you’ll see…
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A Brief History of End Times Views: How our Times Shape our Eschatology

At Substance, we’ve been talking about the end of the world in our series Be Right Back: Tough Questions about the Second Coming of Christ. And if you haven’t seen the BRB resource page at PeterHaas.org, be sure to check it out. Every week I will be posting new resources to help you study the…
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Why Do People Think December 21st 2012, Will be the End of the World?

In 2008, 16% of Americans answered yes when asked, “Do you expect any apocalyptic events to happen on December 21st, 2012?”  That’s one out of every eight.  Personally, this would simplify Substance’s Christmas plans as our Christmas services will start blitzing on Dec. 22nd.  And even if you don’t believe this date has any special…
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